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Welcome, you’re in as a Becom Business Partner

Thank you once more for your trust in Becom. We are very happy to welcome you as a Business Partner and help you to fulfill your needs in the e-commerce industry. To finalize our partnership we would love to receive and give you some more information.

Next steps

  1. After finalizing the obligatory administration we would love to announce you as a new business partner
    • In our newsletter
    • On Social Media
  2. From this moment on, we publish your partnerpage on the safeshops.be-website en your logo will be included in the partner banner is all global communication
  3. Together in the onboarding meeting we choose a speaking slot. Do you prefer a Friday Snack or a Podcast?
  4. You can start sending us relevant content which we can share with our community via our Newsletter, Social Media and on our WIKI.

Let’s get this started!


Create or update your partner info by delivering us the right input

Upload input for your partnerpage


Share your story during one of our Academy Formats

Discover our events


Deliver content (whitepapers, tips&tricks,…) for us to share with our e-commerce community

Deliver content


Subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll keep you informed about upcoming events, our monthly newsletter and other relevant info.

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Get in touch!

Katrien Mooijaart

Partnership Manager

If you have any questions about the partnership or opportunities within, contact Katrien

Rik Lagey

Business Development Manager

Renewal of the partnership or in need for upgrading your partnership, contact Rik.

Marie-Pascale Vandekerckhove

Event and Communication Manager

Want to organize your speaker slot at one of our events or in need to have a look at your content, contact Marie-Pascale.